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attention. and she has a very real chance to bankroll herself for the rest of her life. >> she is casey anthony and today is sentencing day. her fate is just minutes away. we are going to bring it to you live. >> and a rude awakening for some people in the east bay. the rush to fix a big water main break. why this could cause a big traffic mess in the east bay. >> good morning, it's thursday, july 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. good thursday morning. it is straight up 6:00. quick check on traffic and weather. lawrence, how's it looking? >> yeah, guys. the fog and low clouds have murder further onshore this morning. some of that extending into the bay. we are in for cooler weather. 67 degrees in san francisco. 88 and warm in concord. much cooler weather on the way. more on that in a moment. right now, -- right now, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we have extra heavy delays out of antioch on westbound 4. we also have problems with the water main break in lafayette
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cause traffic issues there. here's a look out of orlando, florida as we await the decision. on tuesday, a jury acquainted casey anthony of the most serious charges. she was found guilty of four misdemeanors though, all lying to police and within minutes, those are the charges that she will be sentenced for. >> yeah. and each one carries up to one year in prison but she could spend less time than that or no time at all because she has already been in jail nearly three years. anthony has been in custody almost those three years. once the sentencing is about to happen, we are going to bring it to you live from orlando. so stay tuned for that. >> a lot of anticipation inside and outside the courtroom right now. right now, crews working to fix a wart main break that's causing a mess in one east bay
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neighbor. kristy seifkin in lafayette where a lot of people will not get their morning shower. that's for women a real travesty. >> reporter: the women are the ones who are worried about the morning shower but the good news is they have found the break in the pipeline. just over my shoulder they have been digging and jackhammering since 11:30 last night. they did identify where the break is underground and now the focus is on making that area underground safe enough that they can send a crew member under to actually repair the break. now, firstle this try using a stainless steel leak band to patch it. if that doesn't work they will cut out a bigger section and require more excavation. there are some valuable fiber- optics underground so they are needing to protect those with plywood so the condition crete doesn't fall down and damage the fiber-optics. certainly they want to protect the workers as they go down there as well. the supervisor also told me that the city may need to come and remove that light pole a little later so this pole hole
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is getting larger as they get somebody down there to repair it. when residents wake up, some will realize that water has flooded into their garages. water started bubbling up last night about 11:30 and trickled down the road into some residents' garages. businesses may see the same thing as they open their doors this morning, you may find a puddle of water on the floor. for right now, traffic-wise, this excavation is going off mount diablo boulevard a busy road in lafayette. the right lane eastbound is closed right now so just a heads up about that. crews will be here for hours to see if they need to patch it or replace a section. back to you. >> talk about waking up to the wrong side of the bed, you wake up to a jackhammer, can't take a shower and your house might be flooded. >> reporter: i feel sorry for the folks who are here. but people are certain up now
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with these jackhammers. >> thanks. police are investigating a shooting in the latest string of violence on a popular trail. a man was found shot in the head on the de anza trail in pittsburg near harbor and atlantic. someone came across the victim at 8:45 last night and ran into a nearby mcdonald's to get some help. paramedic took the man to the hospital. the trail runs from concord to oakley. this is the third violent incident on the trail in the last few months. california is going into a new fire season without one of its biggest firefighting tools. anser hassan explains the cost- cutting move. >> reporter: good morning. cal fire is cutting the last year of a three-year contract with the nation's largest air tanker. these are the planes that are used in fighting a fire. the dc-10 planes carry up to 12,000 gallons of fire retardant which is a huge tool for california in fighting
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fires. a major concern as we head into the summer fire season. the cal fire was told they had to cut $34 million from its budget. canceling this contract with the planes will save the state about $7 million. that's about one-fourth of the total cuts they were forced to make. this isn't the first time cal fire has cancelled their contract with the southern california company. they did so back in 2009. but the concern now is that they have already cut 730 seasonal firefighters. so cutting the contract with the planes means grounding one of the state's most important tools in fighting a huge fire. cal fire says no one is happy. but it's the best choice among poor alternatives. >> tough budget times we are having to make some tough decisions and that was one of them. >> it's expensive but it's cost- effective. and what is saved is of course if you are talking lives it's -- you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: now, these planes can be used on an on call basis
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but it takes 24 hours to staff them. and if there is a big fire, the planes meet not even be available. frank? >> all right. anser hassan live in morgan hill, thank you. we are going to go back live right now to world florida. we are just minutes or seconds away from learning the fate of casey anthony the florida mom found not guilty in her daughter's death. let's listen in. >> would the state care at this time to present any matters relative to aggravation? >> no, your honor. >> state care to present any issues at this time concerning any other matter? >> your honor, yesterday i filed a motion to attach special costs and reserve
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jurisdiction. the only reason i bring this up prior to the actual sentencing has to do with the jurisdiction of the court once sentence is imposed if defense counsel intends to appeal the misdemeanor convictions then this court would not be able to entertain a later hearing until that matter is resolved as it relates to costs of investigation. if in fact that is their intent, what we would ask is that the court bifurcate the sentencing hearing, proceeding to the matters of punishment first. the issue of cost of investigation is not intended to be punitive and i believe can be handled at a later point in time in a bifurcated type of proceeding that would not divest the court of immediate jurisdiction to handle this matter so that this can be
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closed as expeditiously as possible. that's the only thing i wanted to bring up at this time. >> mr. baez? >> mr. mason will be handling this. >> mr. mason? >> i do not object to the bifurcation process, your honor. they have not presented invoice to us or any accounting as of yet. we will be reviewing and then challenging as appropriate. so she asked for 60 days. and i have no problem with that. >> okay. the court will retain jurisdiction to deal with the issue of cost of prosecution and other costs, i guess, pursuant to chapter 938. that's the statute that you're seeking those costs under? >> it is, your honor.
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>> okay. mr. mason, mitigati ? you may proceed. [ no microphone ] >> we have a legal argument about double jeopardy. >> go ahead. >> you are watching the casey anthony sentencing hearing. she is just minutes away from fining out her fate. she was found not guilty on the three greater charges, one including first-degree murder. she was only found guilty for lying to authorities and the maximum penalty is four years. >> yes. and they are going through some bureaucratic things now in the court case and going through them slowly but we are keeping an eye on the action down in orlando. of course we'll bring you that decision live as soon as that comes in. >> indeed. a good chance she could walk
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today. first let's get you caught up on traffic and weather. lawrence? >> looking good. we are going to see some cooler weather around the bay area. low clouds and fog on the california coast some inside the bay and in the north bay valleys toward santa rosa with patchy fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s at this hour. by the afternoon, not as hot. but we may see couple of low 90s inland. 81 in fremont. 73 much more comfortable in oakland. traffic time with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. westbound lanes of highway 4 through antioch. cruisers still on scene. this accident out of lanes. westbound 4 right there as you approach somersville road. show through antioch. no metering lights no delay heading into san francisco on the bay bridge. we have been talking about a water main break in lafayette
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for the morning. our reporter kristy seifkin on scene. this water main break, the eastbound lanes of mount diablo boulevard are completely shut down at village center. so watch out for street closures there. we'll let you know when they re- open. likely a couple of hours. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:11. an elderly woman hit by a skateboarder and died. how police say that skateboarder tried to prevent the accident. >> plus, tightened security at the air. the dangerous way terrorists may hide bombs plus we are still going to continue to monitor the situation in florida, the casey anthony sentencing. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. found not guilty in her daughter's death. here s a live look out of orlando, florida.. as we await the we are minutes away from learning the sentence of casey anthony the florida mother who was found not guilty in the murder of her daughter. a live look as we await the decision. she was found not guilty on three greater charges was found guilty on four lesser charges of lying to police. she has already spent nearly three years in jail. as soon as the sentencing comes up we'll break in live.
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meantime, detectives in capitola are investigating after an 8-year-old woman was killed by a skateboarder. investigators say the teen was riding down a hill on the skateboard up to 20 miles an hour. then he jumped off the board to avoid this woman who was in the crosswalk. but it was too late. and she died tuesday night at valley medical center. the skateboarder was not hurt and he wasn't arrested. it was ruled an accident. u.s. security experts say terrorists are considering new methods of blowing up planes, methods that can include surgically hiding bombs inside humans. no such plot has been uncovered court the tsa but there is evidence they are discussing the possibility. plastic explosives in the body could be difficult to detect. time now 6:16. we are continuing to follow the sentencing of casey anthony. they are talking about who is going to pay for the investigation. so they are clearing up the
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loose ends but we are going to definitely bring you live when the final sentencing comes down. >> all eyes on orlando. and nasa's final flight is set to launch tomorrow. the major hurd thal couldly that the blastoff. >> and the -- the major hurdle that could delay the blastoff. >> and the major clue in the picasso stolen interest an art gallery. we are cleared for take- off. sfo looking at a couple of passing clouds. 70 degrees there. across the north into chicago, we are looking at good travel getting into chicago. 77 degrees, partly cloudy skies, very comfortable. but continuing on toward the eastern seaboard, you could see some thunderstorms there and they could be erupting in the afternoon. steamy hot, 90 in new york with the possibility of lightning. more on your local weather coming up. ,,,,,,
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hearing is going on right now in back now at 6:19. let's check some of the top stories on this thursday. a sentencing hearing going on right now in florida for casey anthony. these are live pictures from that orlando courtroom. she was acquitted this week on charges of killing her 2-year- old daughter but was convicted on lesser charges in the case. we'll go live as soon as we get the word. pittsburg police are investigating a shooting on a popular cycling and jogging
6:20 am
trail. this is the third violent incident on the de anza trail since may. and today a state assembly committee will consider a bill that would ban capital punishment here in california. the state has had only 13 executions since the death penalty was reinstated 33 years ago. because of the long expensive legal procedures that are required. checking out the weather today, we have some low clouds and fog sweeping into the bay and a sign of some cooler temperatures on the way. still mild and mostly clear inland. by this afternoon, still hot in spots, still some low 90s there but the temperatures definitely coming down across the board now. continued cooling around the bay area for today. eventually as we head in toward the weekend those temperatures are going to be much cooler around the bay area. highs probably only in the 80s. today squeaking in some 90s. east bay 80s and 90s. 70s inside the bay, 50s and 60s at the coast.
6:21 am
70s and 80s inland. tomorrow holding steady. things dropping off on the weekend. more low on the way, cooling through the middle of next week. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> traffic time is kind of weather time if you are checking out the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog out there. we have a dense fog advisory issued by chp, not the bridge but highway 1 traveling through portions of pacifica. visibility again we are talking about it all morning, definitely at issue for some parts of the bay area. not the case though on the san mateo bridge. nice and clear. an easy ride across the span. westbound 92 looks great as you head out towards the high-rise heading out of hayward. westbound 4 they are unfortunately still waiting for a tow crew. westbound 4 at somersville. we had an accident involving what sounds like three to four cars. we took several calls from the kcbs phone force and they told us that traffic is still jammed for a good half mile or so. you can see speeds are very slow still approaching that scene even though it is completely out of lanes. but again, chp is on scene off
6:22 am
to the shoulder. so that's what's likely causing the slow traffic and at the bay bridge still nice and light and no metering lights. back to you. >> thank you. we are just about 24 hours away from nasa's final shuttle launch unless it's scrubbed by rain and thunderstorms. right now the weather is threatening tomorrow's launch of atlantis. mission managers say the weather could get -- would have to death worse before they actually reschedule it. so they are keeping a close eye on that. a bay area man is one of the guys prepping for the shuttle's final trip. san carlos native rex walheim is going to suit up for the mission tomorrow morning. well, we have a big burger battle down on the peninsula. why people have so much beef with their neighbors. coming up. >> and some late night heroics for the giants. a thrilling finish in the 14th inning.
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taking another live look in orlando, florida, the courtroom. that's the face of casey anthony. not a very popular woman in the u.s. right now. a lot of people still believe she killed her 2-year-old daughter but, of course, she was acquitted of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. this morning, she is being sentenced for some lesser charges, charges of lying to police and in fact, right now, her defense attorneys are
6:26 am
arguing to the judge that those four counts of lying should be consolidated into one count of lying to police. the maximum she can get even if they keep the four counts is four years. and she may very well be walking free within minutes. we are going to keep you posted. we have an eye on the courtroom action. they are dealing with some bureaucratic stuff right now. but once that sentencing comes down, we are to bring it to you live here on cbs 5 "early edition." >> takes a little time. okay. in other news, san francisco police have a clue after a picasso sketch was stolen in broad daylight. the suspect walked by a bar with a security camera and there is hope the video will generate tips that lead to the recovery of the $200,000 sketch. caltrain about to take another step toward curbing the number of suicides on its tracks. we have reported a lot of them. the board of directors today is expected to award a contract to a company that's going to
6:27 am
install about 7cameras on the trains -- 70 cameras on the train. each would have a camera mounted on the front and back. the cost would be covered by a grant from a state bond. 6:27. a day of fate for casey anthony. we have been talking about it the last half hour. the latest on her sentencing, we are going to take you live to the courtroom as soon as it happens. >> plus, investigators combing a popular bay area trail this morning. the third attack in just two months leaves a man in the hospital critical condition this morning. we'll tell you what happened. and crews have been out here working on this broken pipeline in lafayette for hours. still trying to get a crew member down there to make repairs. we'll give you details on when the water comes back on coming up. california may be in trouble this fire season as the state is forcing them to cut their first line of defense. we have details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm fr trying to locate -- >> good morning. welcome back. taking another live look at orlando, florida. that's the face of casey anthony who is about to hear the sentence she will receive on four counts of lying to police. >> true. it's one of the nation's most highest profile murder cases, drawing to a close finally with casey anthony's sentencing. it's going to happen any mynheer, folks. >> she was of course acquitted this week on the charges that she murdered her 2-year-old daughter caylee. but she was convicted of those four other charges. right now defense attorneys are actually trying to argue that down to consolidate those four
6:31 am
charges into one charge. karen brown joining us live now. she is outside the courthouse in orlando, florida. karen, what's it like down there right now? >> reporter: well, anne and frank, i can tell you that the atmosphere right now is electric as everybody waits for the judge's decision. so i'm keeping an eye on it over here and talking to you at the same time. but basically what's been going on is that the attorneys have been trying to consolidate the four misdemeanor charges of lying to police that she was convicted of into one incident. and it looks at this point like the judge is not going to do that. also, in court today, they have been arguing about whether casey anthony should be held financially responsible as far as some of the costs of the investigation. now, that is pretty standard. but the prosecutors could ask for up to $100,000 to $200,000 in costs that casey anthony would have to pay back. the judge says we'll know his
6:32 am
decision in the nex 60 days. outside the courthouse a huge show of force by law enforcement. they have shut down the street in front of the courthouse. is they have police from all different divisions and so far things are calm. there is a large crowd that's gathered not nearly as large as the verdict. so far things are under control. >> tell us karen, i have some friends in the orlando market that are working this story for years now. do you have media from all over the world? give us an idea of who is covering this thing today. >> reporter: you know, i think we have media from all over the country. there have definitely been spectators from all over the world because remember this trial from the get-go has been broadcast all over the world with this live feed and that's why people have felt so attached to the players in this case. that's why they feel like they
6:33 am
not prosecutors, they know the defense. so definitely a huge group of media here and spectators from all over the place and as we wait for the judge's decision, there are three choices he has in a nutshell. one, he can set her free, based on time already served. he can say no, i think you need a little more jail time and he can also release her on probation. we'll wait to see what the judge decides to do. >> you mentioned that the orange county sheriff's department already has a plan for getting her out of the area in an unmarked car dropping her off at a location of her choice. we are getting word that the judge is about to give the sentence. >> we need to listen to the judge. he is saying one year for all four counts. >> credit for time served. all four counts to run consecutive to each other. it's going to take us probably
6:34 am
about an hour to sort of sort it out because the previous sentences that she has been given. but with good time and gain time, fending on preliminary figures -- depending on preliminary figures, sometime early august, maybe late july. but i can't say that until after i first determine time served and then the jail has to apply according to their figures their good time and gain time that she has gained in this. so if you want to wait around
6:35 am
or we wan communicate that with you. and if you have a different figure, we can get that taken care of. i will reserve jurisdiction for 60 days to determine the cost of prosecution and investigation. >> tell me when you'll be ready. >> i have been advised a minimum of 30. so anytime after that would be acceptable. >> well, mr. mason? >> whenever they get around to providing the invoices so we can check the validity of those and potentially conduct some
6:36 am
discovery on it. so at least 30 days. it depends when she gets it to me. if she gets it to me on the 29th day, that's not going to be good. >> i believe i could do that, mr. mason. they have indicated that they believe they can have all the documentation to me within the time frame that i suggested. >> we have been watching live the court proceedings down in orlando, florida. the sentencing of casey anthony talking about good behavior and time served. it looks like they are saying she could get a minimum of 30 more days in prison. that's really all it's going to end up to be. it's going to be a matter of days before she is released if she is not indeed released this morning. it's doubtful from what we're hearing. but the exact date is yet to be determined. it's going to be days, tops going to be weeks. and it's kind of a funny atmosphere that we're talking about it because we have been talking about such a serious charge of murder and what's going to happen, what's going to be her fate and now we're just arguing over a matter of
6:37 am
days. >> i think the judge said what, late july, early august, 30 days minimum. probably not today. he also talked about her being held liable for some of the prosecution and what not and they are going to take 60 days to go into that. but casey anthony it appears will be a free woman probably sometime in august. that is the very latest. and it's going to take them probably the judge said maybe about an hour to work through all the bureaucratic things, do all the calculation. when it comes to the money the cost of the investigation it could be up to $200,000. when you think about what could happen in her future, a book deal, whatever else kind of money she can make off this whole deal it could be millions. $100,000 to $200,000 is a drop in the bucket if she ends up having to pay for the investigation. so the punishments, the consequences that we're looking at right now, certainly relatively minor. >> when you think -- >> compared to the death penalty. >> when you think a week ago
6:38 am
she could have faced the death penalty. we'll follow the latest with casey anthony. for updates check out our website, in other news now, a water main break has left a big soggy mess in an east bay neighborhood. crews are digging with a loud jackhammer. kristy seifkin is in lafayette with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you just caught us after a jackhammer break but they are at it again. crews have been out here since 11:30 last night hammering away digging a hole in the ground trying to find the pipe underground and find a break that caused water to leak, bubbling up from the surface last night and running down the street. the folks making that hole in the ground safe enough to send a crew member down to the get to the break. the pipe that's been broken is an 8" pipe and they identified that break about a half hour ago. the hope is that they will try to use a stainless steel band to patch the leak and then if that doesn't work, they will
6:39 am
have to take out a bigger section of the pipe and replace it and that will require even more excavation than what's going on now. one of the supervisors told me that there are fiber-optics underground so they want to cover those and protect them before the concrete from the sidewalk starts falling down and the city may need to come in and remove that light post on the corner. this is off mount diablo boulevard so pretty busy thoroughfare here in the area. we caught up with one resident, poor guy had just moved into this neighborhood had his moving boxes in the garage when the water flooded in soaking all his unpacked belongings. >> the fire department was helpful. we built a makeshift barrier in the back to try to keep the water from coming in the back door from the garage. >> now, many residents may wake up this morning and find that water has run into their garages. same story is true for business owners. they may walk in this morning and find that puddles of water have formed on the first floor of their building. now, the supervisor said they are hoping over the next couple of hours they will be able to
6:40 am
get somebody down there safely, start repairing that water main. in the meantime for traffic coming through, the eastbound lane, eastbound right-hand lane on mount diablo boulevard, is blocked. so just a heads up if you're a commuter in the area. back to you. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in lafayette. police are investigating a shooting in the latest string of violence on a popular walking and biking trail. a man was found shot in the head on the de anza trail. that's in pittsburg near harbor street and atlantic circle. police say someone came across this man around quarter to 9:00 last night and ran to a mcdonald's to get help. paramedics took the man to the hospital. the trail goes from concord to pittsburg and ends in oakley and this has been the third violent incident on that train since may. let's get you caught up with traffic and weather. i think you're going to like what you see today, right, lawrence? >> yes. boy, getting a little heat relief today as we see low clouds and fog moving onshore into the bay. some of the north bay valleys also beginning to pick up low
6:41 am
clouds. it will help to cool down the temperatures around the bay area just a bit. numbers outside in the 50s and 60s in some of the valleys. by the afternoon, it will still be hot in spots. still some low 90s inland. about 88 degrees in concord, 84 in san jose. 50s and 60s at the coastline. time now to check your traffic with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. sounds like we have big problems in san francisco. if you are heading towards the lower deck of the bay bridge, eastbound 80 right there by 7th street, there is a big rig that lost its load. apparently own one lane of traffic is getting by right now. so we are starting to see some delays coming up northbound 101. the big rig was apparently hauling one of those prebuilt mobile homes so this could be a mess for a while. chp issued a traffic alert so traffic is already stacking up on northbound 101 beyond cesar chavez and unfortunately, these delays are growing. we are going to be following this one for the rest of the morning. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. one of the biggest firefighting tools in the world will not be ready at a moment's notice in
6:42 am
california anymore. anser hassan is in morgan hill to explain the cost-cutting move. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. cal fire says it's the best choice among poor alternatives. the state budget cuts are forcing cal fire to cancel its $7 million contract with the nation's largest air tanker. these dc-10 planes are used to drop fire retardant over huge fires that break out in california. the contract is with a southern california company. these planes can carry about 1,000 gallons of fire retardant. so why is this so important? well, first, these planes are the first line of defense against a major fire and they are also 10 times bigger than the next largest plane cal fire has at its disposal. cal fire says they will use the plane on what's known as a call when needed basis in case of a major fire. >> tough budget times we are having to make some tough decisions. that was one of them. >> it's expensive but it's cost-
6:43 am
effective. and what is saved is of course if you are talking lives it's -- you can't put a price on it. >> reporter: one of the problems in using this on call basis system is that the planes may not be available in case of a fire. even if they are, it could cost the state 10 times more than the $7 million they are trying to save now. anne? >> all right. anser hassan in morgan hill, thank you. 6:43 now. there have long been concerns whether santa clara county's largest reservoir could withstand a major earthquake. anderson dam is now stronger than earlier believed. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins from us san jose on how this will affect the valley's weather system. >> reporter: hey, frank. yeah, it's a hill bit stronger. the anderson dam. but not a lot. it's still a major earthquake hazard and in a major earthquake it could slump releasing a lot of water causing catastrophic flooding in the morgan hill area. that's why water officials have
6:44 am
been keeping the water level lower than full at 57%. today the news today is that this seismic study finds that the dam is still a danger but you can fill it up slightly higher. so they are going to up 68% capacity about 10,000-acre feet of water. not a small amount. that's more water that than some reservoir contain in themselves. we talked to a spokesman for the water district and he says the dam still definitely an earthquake hazard. >> we still know that the dam does have the seismic issue. so until the damage is retrofitted, we are going to keep the storage level lower. >> but again the good news is that with that extra 10,000- acre feet of water, there is extra water capacity in santa clara county for a drought or irrigation purposes.
6:45 am
the retrofit will still have to happen on the anderson dam. the price tag on that, $110 million. and officials this morning said that number is probably on the low end. live in san jose, i'm matt bigler for cbs 5. time now is quarter to 7:00. another dramatic step today for the 49ers' new stadium. the groundbreaking ceremony hours away. and how much time casey anthony has to stay in jail and the fine. coming up. the market just opened 10 minutes ago. we'll check the early numbers. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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judge sentenced casey anthony to 4 years in jail... that's one year for every count of if you are just joining us, just moments ago a judge sentenced casey anthony to four years in jail. that's one year for every count of lying to investigators. anthony has already served nearly three years. she may get credit for good behavior. that means she could be out of jail late july or early august. she will also have to pay a $4,000 fine. couple of positive reports this morning about jobs in america. here now jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
6:49 am
this is the kind of news we really want to see. hiring on the upswing. it fell off during the swing. a couple of reports show promise. the labor department says first time weekly unemployment claims fell by 14,000 this week to the lowest level in 7 weeks. we hope for a trend in the right direction. private payroll processor adp says 157,000 new jobs were added to the economy in june. that was more than double the expectation and a lot better than may with only 36,000 new jobs and a promising sign going into the monthly jobs report for tomorrow. jobs still really lagging in a key piece of the economy that needs to improve to show better growth overall for the economy. also a couple of decent reports for local retailers. san francisco-based gap saw 1% sales gain across its three
6:50 am
chains a lot better than expected and a nice change of pace. they have been struggling. ross stores saw sales increase 5% that. too beat expectations. as a result of all of that, the stock market doing well at the open. the dow up by 61. nasdaq is gaining 20. and frank and anne, the s&p is up by 9. >> well, that's a good day so far. jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. big problems coming into san francisco right now. there's a traffic alert in effect eastbound 80 right there before 7th street. the problem is a big rig that lost its load. and the load happened to be one of those modular office trailers. so kind of like a mobile home but it's an office instead so apparently this modular office, the building literally slipped off the frame of the big rig trailer. so this is going to be a mess likely for a while. so again if you are trying to
6:51 am
head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge, there are big backups affecting traffic obviously on northbound 101 pretty much jammed solid already beyond the 280 merge. and again this is just reported by chp so they are out there now but if you are trying to head towards the lower deck of the bay bridge, get on past the 7th street exit because of the backup. it's foggy and it's difficult to see some of our cameras in that area. let's go to milpitas. westbound 237 silicon valley commute starting to get busy already. not quite 7:00 and we are already seeing slow conditions exiting 880 and it looks like this to about zanker road. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on but pretty much delay-free right now heading into san francisco. so it's getting on the lower deck that's going to be the issue for a while. in the commute direction westbound 80 so far, so good to start the commute. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
6:52 am
that is your traffic. for your weather forecast, let's toss it over to lawrence. >> elizabeth, we have some patchy fog out there. we saw some of that on the live cams an thick at the coast. that fog in the north bay valleys today. toward the afternoon lots of sunshine inland temperatures cooler still low 90s and hot in some spots well inland. 60s and 70s around the bay, 80s toward the santa clara valley, and 50s and 60s at the coast. continued cooling for today. eventually toward the weekend, trough of low pressure moves in along the coastline ushering in more low clouds and fog. let's plan on 80s in much of the south bay although maybe squeaking in 90 in morgan hill. about 75 degrees in san mateo. and 60 in pacifica with patchy fog. east bay numbers plenty of sunshine, 70s and some 80s. some 90s still well inland today in places like brentwood and livermore and as you look towards the north bay we are planning on 50s and 60s at the coastline. some 70s and a few 80s well inland. looking out over the next
6:53 am
couple of days, tomorrow a push. but after that more low clouds and fog going to surge further onshore. that will help cool down the temperatures more so. more extensive cooling as we head toward the middle of this next week. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. a project to expand parking in the south bay is getting under way this morning. a groundbreaking ceremony for a 6 story parking garage near the santa clara convention center. it's going to hold more than 1800 cars when it opens in the fall of next year. the $25 million project that will also serve the 49ers stadium being planned nearby. in and out hamburger some neighbors are fed up. >> not happy with the burger chain. the restaurant on industrial road was built in june complete with the 65 food sign that's visible from a half mile away. dan toms can see it from his front and backyards and believes the value of his home went down because of it. >> you know, let's say i'm trying to even sell my house. the first thing you're going to
6:54 am
see is that no matter what i do to my house. you're going to see that. it's intrusive. >> neighborhood association believes the burger chain is violating its use permit because the sign illuminates nearby homes at night. in-n-out is the first to have air scrubbers to control the smell of their fried food and the company says it's making adjustments to its speaker system when neighbors say it's too loud at night. but that fight far from over. the water main break causing problems in the east bay. the water damage people are waking up to. >> and live look outside a florida courtroom where casey anthony was just sentenced. we are going to tell you about her punishment and much more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
[ male announcer ] everyday, your car does a lot for you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. investigator you are taking a live look right now outside of the courthouse in orlando, florida. casey anthony has just been sentenced to four years but, of course, with time served, she is going to be spending only a few more weeks in jail down in florida. that is because of time served and also good behavior. she could be released as soon
6:58 am
as july or early august. anthony acquitted of first- degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter caylee. the only charges she was actually sentenced on, four counts of lying to investigators during that. it was a case that spanned years. the murder trial has been going on down there in orlando, florida for several weeks and the crowd we just saw in those live pictures gathering outside the courthouse significantly less of a crowd. you're looking at it again now live pictures, less of a crowd than we saw say gathering for the verdict which of course shocked a lot of people around the country. and today, it was a day that of course she is going to be punished for what she did, but a lot of people feeling like it just wasn't enough. and apparently -- >> i think a lot of people anticipating the sentencing today because she had really could only stay in four years. so not a big shocker today. the big shock came a couple of days when she was found innocent on the three major charges including murder. so casey anthony should be a free woman here in late july, early august. right now crews are trying
6:59 am
to cap a big water main break over in the east bay. they had to shut off water in about 100 homes in lafayette. it happened near mount diablo boulevard in the village center. that's the main drag through town. crews have been using a jackhammer all morning long to find the source of the break. still working on it. no word when the water will be back on. one minute now before 7:00. quick check on the weather. >> we have more fog inside the bay. a sign of cooler temperatures showing up around the bay area for today. still it is going to be hot in some spots inland. 90s this but we are going to cool down more so into the weekend. low clouds and fog really going to sweep onshore. much cooler heading into next week. how about traffic, elizabeth? >> traffic is not good. we have big problems unfortunately. if you are in san francisco right now a traffic alert in effect at a standstill right now eastbound 80 approaching 7th street. the problem is a stalled big rig and it was hauling one of those double wide modular office trailers. only one lane is getting by. so use

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